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News Digital Pilipinas Festival x Festival of Festivals a huge success

Digital Pilipinas Festival x Festival of Festivals a huge success

The recently concluded “Digital Pilipinas Festival x Festival of Festivals” 2023 was a huge success as it drew over 20 global technology leaders from Malaysia, Japan, India, Singapore, Canada, and various other countries, as well as a sizeable crowd comprised of Philippine government leaders, technology visionaries, and stakeholders, Digital Pilipinas said.

According to Digital Pilipinas Convenor Amor Maclang, the festival, which ran from November 20 to 24 and was held at the SMX Convention Center Aura in Taguig City, represented a monumental advancement for the ASEAN digital landscape.

Thank you, Shukran, Salamat, Terima Kasih, Kop Khun Ka, for being part of the Digital Pilipinas Festival, the biggest Festival of Festivals for everything digital,” she said in her speech.

Maclang also stressed that Digital Pilipinas — the largest private-sector-led movement for creating an innovation and technology ecosystem in the country — will continue to champion technology as well as draw more investments in the country.

“We stand united with DTI-BOI in championing the cause to draw in more investments to the country, underscoring the Philippines’ pivotal role as the gateway to investment and digital connectivity within the ASEAN region. With its strategic location, robust economy, and commitment to technological innovation, the Philippines provides a central access point for investors and digital pioneers to tap into the diverse opportunities across ASEAN nations,” Maclang further said.

Maclang, who also co-founded international digital economies in ASEAN, also said, “In Digital Pilipinas, we will continue to embed and champion 12 critical industries, not just fintech, but also innovation and sustainability so that we can maximize not just the economic benefits of technology but its greatest societal impact for humanity.”

The event has attracted global leaders and visionaries from various countries, all of whom are at the epicenter of a digital revolution, the foremost of which is financial technology or fintech.

The journey towards a vibrant digital economy begins

Set against the backdrop of the ASEAN digital economy, Digital Pilipinas has emerged as the largest private sector-led initiative promoting technological innovation.

The return of its flagship event signifies a crucial juncture in the journey towards a vibrant digital economy.

The Digital Pilipinas movement has catalyzed significant advancements in various sectors, positioning the Philippines as a leader in ASEAN’s digital innovation. This progress has spurred economic growth, cross-border collaboration, and increased financial inclusivity.

The presence of global leaders and visionaries from more than 20 countries at these festivals was a testament to their significance and the high caliber of discussions, which were conducted during the event.

The Department of Trade and Industry – Board of Investments, led by Secretary Alfredo Pascual, attended the launch with representatives from the industry and business leaders, together with twenty-eight (28) embassies and trade, and investment offices.

These included the Permanent Representative of the Republic of the Philippines to ASEAN, Ambassador Ambassador Hjayceelyn Mancenido Quintana; Singaporean Ambassador Constance See Sin Yuan; Thai Ambassador Vasin Ruangprateepsaeng; Cambodian Ambassador Phan Peuv; and Malaysian Ambassador Dato’ Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino.

Envoys from Central Asia, Central East Asia, European Union, North America, and Oceania included Belgian Ambassador Michel Monique Parys, British Ambassador Laure Beaufils, Canadian Ambassador David Hartman, Hungarian Ambassador Titanilla Tóth, Israeli Ambassador Ilan Fluss, Papua New Guinea Ambassador Betty Palaso, Romanian Ambassador Raduta Dana Matache, Spanish Ambassador Miguel Utray, and Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Philippines Artem Tsinamdzgvrishvili.

Top Filipino and international leaders highlighted the Philippines’ thriving digital economy, trade and investment, and active multilateralism, which makes it a Digital Bridgeway to ASEAN and a leading investment destination and digital gateway to the rapidly growing ASEAN region.

Opportunities to be part of a transformative journey

The festivals are not just programs to attend; they are also opportunities to be part of a transformative journey.

Participating in Digital Pilipinas Festival x Festival of Festivals are DragonPay, Bank of the Philippines Islands, UnionBank of the Philippines, KPMG, Angkas, UNO Digital Bank, Ayala Corporation, nChain, Slack, Spark by CIO Academy Asia, Chubb, TDG, Tangere, Sybrin, VFS, CyberQ, Collabera, Agridom, Etiqa, CIS Bayad Center, Inypay, LabX, Gorriceta Law, VYBE, Digital Edge, mWell, Wiz AI, Proxtera, Amdocs, Appboxo, Apryse, Westcon, F5, Forescout, Palo Alto, Gigamon, Born2WinPH, Ninja Van, MFT, BVI, Simbas, SID Global, Eco Global, Global Fintech Institute, Digital Edge, Mercato Centrale, TPS Worldwide, Bureau ID, Esquire Financing, GeiserMaclang, Fintech Philippines Association, Philippine InsurTech and HealthTech Association, PropTech Consortium of the Philippines and the Office of the Ambassador of Malaysia to the Philippines through H.E. Dato Abdul Malik Melvin Castelino bin Anthony.

Amid a phenomenal surge in the ASEAN region’s digital economy, with the Philippines’ digital payments and e-commerce sectors alone projected to hit an impressive $15 billion by 2025, Digital Pilipinas stands at the forefront as the largest private sector-led movement dedicated to fostering an innovative and technological ecosystem. The return of their flagship event now marks a pivotal moment in this journey.

These festivals — organized with support from co-convenors and partners including top conglomerates Ayala Corp, Aboitiz Group, and Metro Pacific Investments — symbolize more than just events: they are crucial platforms that showcase the vibrancy and potential of the region’s evolving digital economy.
Why the Festival Matters for ASEAN

The Digital Pilipinas Festival x Festival of Festivals event stands at the forefront of carving out new industries within the digital economy across ASEAN. These festivals are not just for discussions and presentations; they are about witnessing the inception of groundbreaking proofs of concept in real time.

For industry leaders, government representatives, technologists, and digital economy enthusiasts: the stage is set. This year’s festivals are more than simply a networking opportunity; they are clear platforms to collaborate, innovate, and lead the charge in the digital transformation of our world. From fintech to edutech, from smart cities to sustainable finance, the scope is vast and the potential is limitless.

The festival’s agenda is rich with plenaries and panel discussions that cover vital topics in today’s digital economy. Each session will feature a robust international presence, with delegates and experts from countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, the United Kingdom, Russia, and more. This global participation underscores the festival’s commitment to fostering an international dialogue on digital innovation.

Critical Industries in Focus

Cybersecurity and TrustTech: In an era where digital security is paramount, the festival will spotlight the latest advancements in Cybersecurity and TrustTech. This segment will explore cutting-edge solutions for protecting digital infrastructures and data privacy. Discussions will focus on emerging technologies and their applications and the importance of building trust in digital transactions. The aim is to address the growing concerns around cyber threats and how businesses, governments, and individuals can safeguard their digital assets and foster a secure digital environment.

HealthTech and InsureTech: These panels will dive into the dynamic intersection of technology and the healthcare and insurance industries. HealthTech discussions will highlight innovations in telehealth, wearable tech, and personalized medicine, showcasing how technology is making healthcare more accessible and efficient. Meanwhile, InsurTech sessions will delve into the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in insurance underwriting, risk assessment, and the development of user-centric insurance models.

PropTech and Smart Cities: A visionary exploration of how technology is reshaping urban landscapes and property management. Sessions will discuss the integration of IoT (Internet of Things) in building management, sustainable urban development through smart technologies, and the role of digital innovation in creating efficient, eco-friendly, and livable urban spaces. The festival will showcase examples of smart city initiatives from around the globe and discuss the potential for their local implementation.

EduTech: This segment will shed light on the transformation of education through digital technologies, covering topics like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in classrooms, AI-powered personalized learning experiences, and the role of digital platforms in democratizing education. Discussions will also touch on the challenges and opportunities of remote learning and how EduTech is bridging educational gaps, especially in under-resourced areas.

Fintech and Blockchain: The festival will also dive deeply into the financial sector’s digital revolution. Fintech sessions will explore mobile banking, digital wallets, and the role of digital assets in financial inclusion. Blockchain discussions will focus on its applications beyond cryptocurrencies, such as in supply chain transparency and smart contracts, highlighting its potential to transform various industry sectors.

These critical industries and more will be addressed not just in theory but through real-world examples, showcasing actual changes and initiatives being implemented across the ASEAN region.

An Opportunity for Involvement and Impact

The Digital Pilipinas x Festival of Festivals also offered a chance for participants and guests to engage actively in critical discussions – to be part of the conversation that drives real change and innovation in the sectors where digital transformation is currently underway.

It also offers a unique setting where government and business intersect with innovation. National line agencies will demonstrate their commitment to adopting digital solutions, while industry leaders and technologists will showcase their latest advancements. This collaborative environment is designed to promote the development of new ideas, directions, and partnerships that will drive the digital economy forward.

With 2022 as the country’s proof of concept, the Philippine economy grew 7.6%, the fastest among the major ASEAN economies.

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