You are currently viewing etaily and Landmark win Brand Transformation of the Year at the 17th Retail Asia Awards

etaily and Landmark win Brand Transformation of the Year at the 17th Retail Asia Awards


By connecting online and offline worlds, Etaily and Landmark developed unique shopping experiences for their customers. ‘Phygital’ gives retailers the opportunity to reinvent themselves and inspire digitally-savvy consumers with an integrated experience.

The massive shift to e-commerce is just one of the many things that were brought about by the pandemic, its change in consumer behaviour is challenging even to established retailers. e-commerce enabler etaily and retail giant Landmark surmounted the obstacles and created a seamless integration of the offline and online services. Their digital transformation projects were recognised as the Brand Transformation of the Year at the 17th Retail Asia Awards which gathers the region’s best retailers and honours the most outstanding leadership and retail initiatives.

Digital transformation

“Landmark chose us because they saw that our solutions could offer them the offline-online integration they need. Our end-to-end fulfilment services also addressed a lot of their questions about inventory, delivery, market study and analysis, and customer experience. In working with us, they were also able to focus on their brand and strengthen and promote it,” said etaily CEO and Co-founder Alexander Friedhoff during the acceptance speech of the award.

Incorporating e-commerce into brick-and-mortar stores has proven difficult for retailers. Landmark, one of the largest department stores in the Philippines, found the digital landscape and its tech-savvy, on-demand market uncharted territory. It partnered with etaily to transform from a traditionally physical retailer into an optimised, consumer-friendly, and innovative leader in the digital marketplace.

“With etaily accelerating our digital transformation, they allow us to compete in the modern retail landscape and prepare us to lead the digital future,” said Anthony Cheng, CFO of Landmark. etaily offered a complete e-commerce solution, from digital presence, scalability, to customer experience. The partnership has allowed Landmark to focus on other important areas such as merchandising assortment, whilst maintaining the traditional sensibilities that customers know and value.

etaily’s expertise in building, managing, and scaling the e-commerce arms of leading consumer brands in Southeast Asia with end-to-end technology, operations, brand, and data approach, has also modernised Landmark’s digital storefronts and retail strategies. It created and managed the Landmark online stores from the ground up, using best practices in visual merchandise design, client success management, customer service, digital marketing, and operations, that applied a different set of business principles guided by a retail-oriented mindset.

Their strategies appealed to the consumer base by featuring monthly key campaigns and highlighting best-selling brands and products; performance and visibility of high conversion products were thus optimised. etaily then drove traffic to Landmark’s stores through a full suite of digital marketing solutions and campaigns. Its tech-enabled warehouses ensured that customers received their orders accurately and in the shortest amount of time.

Scalability and success

etaily’s expertise in scalability established Landmark’s presence in the top Philippine e-commerce marketplaces such as Lazada, Shopee, and Zalora. With Click-and-Collect, the e-commerce site and mobile app link with the iconic retail brand’s department store in an integrated ecosystem, providing a flexible and seamless customer experience.

Through the partnership, Landmark experienced massive success with a 21x increase in its Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) from 2020-2021. Along with higher sales, Landmark reaped high operational metrics such as 100% Ship on time and 99.98% inventory accuracy. It has also been consistently achieving very high Return on Ads Spend on its ads, which exceeds marketplaces’ benchmarks for the Home and Living category. Landmark consistently ranks at the top of the digital marketplaces’ Home and Living category throughout 2021.

“All of us are in a pivotal moment right now in the Philippines, as e-commerce is growing with more and more retail companies and brands moving to the digital space. It is an exciting, powerful journey that helps us adopt new capabilities whilst extending to newer, perhaps larger markets,” said Friedhoff.

About etaily

etaily is an e-commerce enabler that provides retailers with technological expertise, brand management, operational services, and data capabilities to be successful in the growing online marketplace. Retail brands can provide a customer-centric and consistent brand experience through seamless integration of omnichannel operations to maximise the scale of their services. etaily has made it its mission to help brands and consumers by preserving the brand’s core identity throughout the ever-changing retail landscape and providing long-lasting value in the customer’s retail journey.

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