JOSE-ANTONIO ALILING & ASSOCIATES is a full-service law office in the Philippines which offers a wide range of services that is delivered to its clients in a personal but professional manner. The law office’s practice areas include but are not limited to: retainer and corporate legal services; corporate secretary and corporate maintenance services; litigation management and dispute resolution; arbitration; labor standards compliance and labor relations management; family law; legal due diligence and risk assessment; real estate property transactions; construction claims and arbitration; estate and property future planning; estate settlement; intellectual property; data privacy; and legal training and education.

ACUBE LEGAL SUPPORT, INC. on the other hand, provides business consulting and support services to persons and organizations on all stages of doing business from the setting-up of business to the improvement of existing operations. We likewise provide advice and seminars on business registration, trademark registration and brand protection, tax compliance and management, data privacy, property management, human resource and labor relations management, among others.

ACUBELAW’s thrust is to provide high quality and prompt legal and business support services that are accessible, available and affordable to everyone, whether they are individuals, start-ups, small business enterprises, or established firms and corporations.


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