About APIX

APIX is purpose-built to transform and radically simplify the FI – FT collaboration process end-to-end

The history of collaboration between Financial Institutions and FinTechs is littered with unsuccessful collaborations. Financial institutions are often apprehensive about how enterprise-grade the solutions built by FinTechs are.

The APIX process allows FIs to:

  • Define their opportunity or challenge 
  • Discover FinTech solution providers from a global marketplace, including published APIs (Application Programming Interface).
  • Dry-run on a state-of-the-art – Software Development Sandbox. The Sandbox has all the necessary APIs, Datasets, and Integration features to develop and test solutions comprehensively.
  • Decide on who to partner with by utilizing the trust framework/tools provided by APIX.
  • Deploy application code developed in APIX sandbox into the FIs own environment, with minimal effort.

As this is a social impact platform, all earnings from fees or grants go to support:

  • Platform Development
  • Platform Maintenance
  • Supporting the FinTech Community and building Industry Expert Network



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