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Empowering A Secure Digital Present With Cybersecurity Excellence

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Type of Research CYBERSECURITY
Pages 15
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Research about the status Digital Present With Cybersecurity Excellence


Objectives of the Study

  • To understand the prevailing public sentiments, concerns, habits, vulnerabilities, and experiences regarding personal and national cybersecurity and data privacy
  • To determine the level of public knowledge regarding cybersecurity and data privacy laws, rights, and protective measures
  • To uncover potential opportunities, strategies, and communications for public education on cybersecurity and data privacy

Table of Contents

  • Cybersecurity Readiness
  • Government Protection Laws
  • Considerations Before Using Platform
  • Reasons To Share Personal Data
  • Concerns In Sharing Personal Data
  • Level Of Security For Online Data Sharing
  • Level Of Confidence In Identifying
    Cyber Threats
  • Level Of Confidence In Addressing Cyber Threats
  • Cyber Security Threats Experienced
  • Ways To Taken To Strengthen Cyber Security
  • Consumer Trust
  • Trust On Different Platforms

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