Fulfilling Businesses in Every Order

LOCAD is Asia Pacific’s first cloud logistics network that combines an integrated technology platform with a network of warehouses and logistics partners.

An innovative solution to the emerging supply chain needs and demands of e-Commerce and omni-channel distribution, LOCAD provides on-demand warehousing and multi-channel fulfillment.

Offering fast, flexible, and affordable services to simplify logistics and operations, LOCAD empowers entrepreneurs and brands to grow their online business, one package at a time.

Making History. Fulfilling Goals.

In November 2020, LOCAD launched its platform to the Philippine market. To address the rise of the digital consumer precipitated by the COVID-19 pandemic, LOCAD is designed to scale and level up the e-commerce supply chains of both developing and established brands through simplified logistics.

Following its roadmap to build a connected e-commerce fulfillment network across the Asia-Pacific region, LOCAD has expanded its regional presence with fulfillment centers in Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore while fulfillment centers in Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia are set to be operational soon.




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