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News Advancing Thailand’s Digital Governance: E-Tax System – Enhanced by Inbatek & iText by Apryse

Advancing Thailand’s Digital Governance: E-Tax System – Enhanced by Inbatek & iText by Apryse

E-Tax, Thailand’s electronic tax system, marks a significant advancement in the
country’s digital transformation, especially in the area of tax administration.

This innovative system, developed by the Revenue Department of Thailand, has been greatly
enhanced by the contributions of Inbatek Company Limited and the Electronic
Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) team. Notably, Inbatek Company Limited, as
the exclusive partner of Apryse in Thailand, brings valuable expertise in document
technology solutions to the E-Tax system.

The E-Tax platform streamlines the process of filing and paying taxes for both
individuals and businesses. By enabling electronic submission of tax returns, it reduces
the reliance on paper-based processes and the need for physical interactions at tax
offices. This shift not only saves time but also significantly cuts down on errors typically
associated with manual filing.

This system encompasses various types of taxes, including Value Added Tax (VAT),
personal income tax, corporate income tax, and withholding tax. For businesses, the ETax system simplifies VAT filing and includes features like automatic tax calculation to
avoid errors.

In addition to facilitating tax filing, the E-Tax system offers other services such as tax
refunds, tax ID registration, and monitoring the status of tax submissions and
payments. It plays a crucial role in fostering a transparent tax administration
environment, reducing the potential for corruption and tax evasion.

Inbatek’s integration with iText, an open-source java library from Apryse, is particularly
significant. This collaboration enhances the E-Tax system’s capabilities in handling
digital documents, an essential aspect of modern electronic tax systems.

As the E-Tax system continues to evolve, incorporating advanced technologies such as
AI and blockchain, it stands as a testament to Thailand’s commitment to digitalize its
public sector. This initiative aligns with global trends towards digital governance and
demonstrates Thailand’s dedication to leveraging technology to improve government
operations and services.
To contact Inbatek, kindly reach out to CEO, Dr. Sujira Döring, at

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