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News Apryse at the Forefront of Automation for Digital Transformation of Financial Services

Apryse at the Forefront of Automation for Digital Transformation of Financial Services

A recent survey of 305 senior global banking executives found that 65% believe that they will move towards a digital ecosystem in the next 5 years, with 80% stating that customer experience will be a key differentiator.

Embracing the power of automation for document workflows allows businesses to improve digital security, stay compliant, enhance customer experiences, and be able to capitalize on future AI innovations with a digital-based model.

Tackling Industry Pain Points

The manual processing of massive volumes of loan applications, audits, credit account tasks, account opens/closures, internal processes, etc., can present a nightmare for both efficiency, accuracy, and legal compliance.

Adherence to regulatory guidelines, handling documents in different formats, generating financial reports, ensuring global compliance, and safeguarding customer information, all while maintaining a positive user experience results in a perfect storm for delays, delays, and more delays.

 So, what’s the secret to keeping up? The short answer is Automation.

How Apryse SDKs Deliver

Apryse’s latest Software Development Kits (SDKs) present out-of-the-box solutions crafted to automate document generation, conversion, extraction, and merging. Their suite ensures compliance through accurate generation and storage of essential documents. Collaboration is streamlined through secure and efficient document sharing, while accuracy is heightened by minimizing manual data entry. Customer experiences receive a significant boost with quick and accurate document-related services.

Example | Apryse + First Business Bank

First Business Bank, a US based commercial banking institution, significantly enhanced its document workflows by integrating Apryse SDKs with Salesforce. This integration streamlined their document generation, reducing the time and effort in building templates and facilitating efficient document interaction. This powerful combination of Salesforce and Apryse improved process automation and user experience, showcasing a successful digital transformation in the banking sector.

[Apryse] helped development in our organization move significantly faster and greatly reduced the time we spent building templates for collecting information” stated Ryan Frank, Manager of Application Development for First Business Bank; one of Apryse’s financial clients. “Little by little, we started building a lot of innovative applications on top of Salesforce to automate processes such as underwriting, credit approval, marketing, onboarding, and signature collection”.

After only two days, over 70% of the required document functionality was finished for First Business Bank, who has over $2 billion USD in assets under management.

This is just one example from the thousands of clients Apryse serves worldwide in the race to keep up in an increasingly digital world.

To see the Apryse SDK in action, check out our live showcase here or claim your free trial key.

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