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News BPI Global Markets expands activities

BPI Global Markets expands activities


THE Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) said by incorporating sustainability concepts into its asset-liability management investment process, it has increased the scope of its treasury operations within its Global Markets sector.

The lender said in a statement on Wednesday that the development, and use of the green, social and sustainability business model for debt securities and loans, business models for investing in green and renewable assets, have been foremost among these. As a result, investment choices are now in line with the Sustainable Finance Framework already in place at BPI.

The bank said as a result, it was now able to lend to businesses that clearly help the environment while also expanding its portfolio of qualified assets. Even while the initiative generates “meaningful” balance sheet and revenue growth, its most significant consequence is how it integrates sustainability factors into the BPI’s portfolio managers and credit officers’ decision-making processes.

“Sustainability has always remained at the forefront of BPI’s business strategy. Now that we are adopting a new set of sustainable principles for the investment process of our asset-liability management, we see that this will further push the bank’s commitment to responsible banking and contribution to nation-building,” Dino Gasmen, BPI treasurer and head of Global Markets, said in the statement.

On the sales front, the lender said Global Markets has offered treasury solutions to customers, such as foundations and charitable organizations, educational institutions, health care providers, and clean energy companies, by handling their foreign exchange needs and assisting in the management of risk exposures through hedging solutions.

It provides services to over 750 small and medium enterprises and 400 active corporate clients with the aim of expanding the clientele’s current portfolio in order to advance sustainable and ethical banking.

Through Global Markets, BPI said that during the last few years it had assisted a client in the renewables industry with growth.

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