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News Cypher Learning offers one platform, endless possibilities

Cypher Learning offers one platform, endless possibilities


CYPHER Learning is an e-learning company based in the USA. It provides a catered-solutions for each use case in the market whether for teaching students, facilitating employee onboarding, and selling online courses.

It is a multi-awarded international e-learning company that provides intelligent learning platform (ILP) solutions to schools, universities, business organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

Said platform is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-infused platform – a perfect learning assistant – guiding learners achieve their goals. It is a user-friendly, intuitive design that makes learning an enjoyable experience.

It is the only company offering an ILP in all major e-learning sectors – academic, corporate and individual entrepreneurs.

The products are branded as NEO for the academe, Matric for business, and Indie – a Learning Management System (LMS) – for entrepreneurs.

At present, over 20,000 organizations use the Cypher Learning platforms, with millions of satisfied users who get knowledge in more than 40 languages.

Cypher Learning is dedicated to make teaching and learning an enjoyable experience from the beginning to end.

Its mission is to improve education and have a bigger impact on the way people learn by innovating through the platforms and helping the clients reach their goals.

One of the Cypher Learning experts has been pirated from the De La Salle University-Dasmariñas in Cavite.

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Master of Management graduate from the said university, and worked there for 11 years as an office employee, and around nine years as an educator and administrator.

Jeneilyn Espineli Padernal, a native of Indang, Cavite, is the Cypher Learning’s Global Director for EdTech. She is responsible for developing Educational Technology Centers for Cypher Learning worldwide.

She also established two additional departments at Cypher Learning – Cypher Learning Academy Division (CLAD) and Digital Asset Research Team (DART).

She was bestowed with many awards and accolades throughout her career including Sheroes Most Empowering Women 2022, Global Learn AwardAward of Excellence in e-learning (2018), Microsoft Innovative Educator Fellow (2017 to present), and Microsoft Education Ambassador-Philippines, 2013 to present.

Her mantra for success is “In this life, we need the patience to grow, work hard to make things happen, keep mgoing when things get tough and be brave enough to take the risk and live without the thoughts of what-ifs and what could have been had I tried. To be successful and achieve our goals, we must be brave, be a go-getter, have patience, work hard and persevere. I would not say I don’t believe in luck, but I believe strongly in hard work to achieve one’s goal.”

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