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News Digital Pilipinas Attends the ASEAN Indo-Pacific Forum 2023

Digital Pilipinas Attends the ASEAN Indo-Pacific Forum 2023

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During the event, its convenor, Amor Maclang, contributed to discussions on enhancing the regulation of the movie and digital entertainment industry.

  • Digital Pilipinas, a private sector-led technology movement, participated in the ASEAN Indo-Pacific Forum 2023.
  • Its convenor, Amor Maclang spoke with a distinguished group of leaders from various sectors at the conference.
  • The ASEAN Indo-Pacific Forum 2023 was held in Jakarta, featuring constructive dialogues and cooperation between ASEAN countries and partners from public and private sectors.

Digital Pilipinas, a private sector-led technology movement, participated in the recently concluded ASEAN Indo-Pacific Forum 2023. During the event, its convenor, Amor Maclang, was a part of a discussion with leaders from ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region.

At the conference Maclang delivered remarks on the “Creative Economies panel on Advancing Movie, Audio-Visual Entertainment Industry and Digital Product through Better Regulation.”

She spoke alongside a distinguished group of leaders including figures such as Pandu Sjahrir from AC Ventures, Khairussaleh Ramli representing Maybank, Leonard Lim of Zoom, Chad Pasha from Coursera, Michaela Browning of Google, Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum, Ajay Banta of the World Bank, Marisa Drew from Standard Chartered, Ahmed Mazhari of Microsoft, Dony Oskaria from InJourney, Yang Li representing, Ruben Hattari of Netflix, and Darren Ong and Chaitanya Divan from Amazon Prime.

In a statement, Digital Pilipinas noted that their program aligns with ASEAN’s overarching goals of fostering a digital, inclusive, and creative economy, advancing green and sustainable infrastructure, and promoting innovative and sustainable finance. 

The organization highlighted that the Philippines is committed to contributing to ASEAN’s regional aspirations and leveraging technology and innovation to drive economic growth, environmental sustainability, and financial resilience.

Digital Pilipinas also expressed its eagerness to welcome the various ASEAN countries and dialogue partners at a Digital ASEAN year recap on November 20 to 24 in Manila during the upcoming Digital Pilipinas Festival and Philippine FinTech Festival 2023

In July, the firm and other key players from the Africa and ASEAN fintech industries announced the launch of the Africa x ASEAN Digital Economies and Fintech Month in October 2023. The event is intended to attract local investments and promote innovation, benefiting the Philippines and the participating regions.

Indo-Pacific Forum 2023

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) flagship event ASEAN Indo-Pacific Forum 2023 (AIPF): Implementation of the ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific was held at the Mulia Hotel in Jakarta on 5-6 September 2023. 

Digital Pilipinas shared that the opening ceremony was attended by heads of state, Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. and President Joko Widodo of Indonesia, the host country for this year’s forum.

The event served as a platform for constructive dialogue and cooperation between ASEAN countries and partners from the public and private sectors. It focused on three major areas: green infrastructure and resilient supply chains, digital transformation and creative economy, and sustainable and innovative financing.

The forum was expected to enhance connectivity between ASEAN and the Indo-Pacific, featuring high-level talks, panel discussions, project showcases, and business matchings with government and private sector leaders, international financial institutions, and international organizations participating. 

Events Digital Pilipinas Hosted and Attended in 2023

Recently, Digital Pilipinas, in collaboration with the Singapore FinTech Association and the National Development Company, organized the event “Championing Sustainable Finance and the Startup Community in a Digital Pilipinas.” The event focused on the pivotal role of innovation, finance, and startups in propelling economic growth in the Philippines. The event underscored the importance of these elements in driving the country’s economic development.

The organization also hosted a roundtable discussion involving key figures and stakeholders from the insurance and health sectors. The forum focused on highlighting sustainability and innovation.

Last month, during the TrustTech Conference, Digital Pilipinas and the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) introduced the TrustTech Movement, aimed at bolstering cybersecurity across the nation.

In June, the organization and representatives from GCash, Digital Pilipinas, Kickstart Ventures, and Metro Pacific Investments Corporation participated in a gathering of 200 global tech leaders at 10 Downing Street during the London Tech Week 2023.

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