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News Filipino-Led NFT Game Anito Legends Prepares for Early Access Launch

Filipino-Led NFT Game Anito Legends Prepares for Early Access Launch


Months after the opening of its closed beta testing, Anito Legends, a Filipino folklore-inspired play-to-earn game, revealed that the game is on its way to launching officially. 

In a blog post, Jayvee Fernandez, the CMO and Co-founder of Anito Legends, shared the launch dates for the player-vs.-player feature as well as the early access launch. The PVP arena will open next week, early July; the beta launch will kick off with a community tournament with prizes for the leaderboard.

“We will need this time to carefully test the PVP meta and make adjustments to weapons and equipment so that nothing is overpowered.” –


The PVP launch will be followed by the NFT Sale,  TGE , and Early Access Launch in August. According to the developers, the tight schedule in between these launches aims to “provide as much value and excitement before we migrate everything to Mainnet.”

Aside from the launch announcements, Anito Legends also shared updates regarding the game development. 

Fernandez disclosed that the developers are currently in the last stretches of audits for all of their smart contracts through their auditing partner HashEx. He pointed out that this is an important step to “ensure credibility and security as we move to launch the game on Mainnet.”

In addition, the game also just recently launched the cloud saving feature, which will allow a player to sync accounts across all four device platforms (PC, Mac, iOS, and Android). 

Anito Legends opened the sign ups for its closed beta testing last February 11 with a  “supply cap of 300 NFTs” for the batch. (Read more: Filipino-led Play-to-Earn Game Anito Legends Opens Its Closed Beta Testing)

Before the beta launch, the developers also had a collaboration with award-winning horror writer, Yvette Tan in developing the lore of the game. (Read more:  Filipino Play-to-Earn Game Anito Legends Partners with Award-Winning Writer Yvette Tan)

What is Anito Legends?

Anito Legends, the first roguelike auto-battler being developed in the country, draws inspiration from Philippine folklore as players take control of a team of “Anitos” to conquer towers and earn rewards. There are currently four Anito classes available for launch; the unpredictable Kiwig, the strong Sarangay, the swift Tikbalang and the elusive Siyokoy.

The game will essentially have two modes – an adventure mode where players can earn rewards to level up and strengthen their Anitos, and a more competitive PVP mode where players can compete to earn more valuable rewards. The game also uses a dual token system with $LARO as the governance token and $GINTO for the utility token.

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