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News Finance chief eyes tax on digital goods

Finance chief eyes tax on digital goods

TAXING digital goods and services is “only fair” to augment government revenues, Finance Secretary Benjamin Diokno said on Wednesday.

Digital goods and services refer to products obtained through e-commerce platforms and streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify.

“When you’re buying from regular stores, you include tax. So, why not include a tax on digital goods and services?” Diokno said at a press briefing in Malacañang.

This was not the first time the Finance chief has backed the proposed imposition of taxes on digital goods and services.

Diokno previously said that online platforms can easily “evade” paying the appropriate taxes unlike those with physical stores.

Most of those who use e-commerce sites and subscribe to audio and video streaming platforms, he pointed out, can afford to pay an extra fee since they are more well-off.

“If you really think about it, those who are more well-off are the ones who can do with digital payments,” he said.

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