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News NFT Marketplace Likha Partners with 2 PH Real Estate Projects

NFT Marketplace Likha Partners with 2 PH Real Estate Projects


Homegrown non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace Likha announced that they have recently partnered with two Philippine-based innovative real estate projects; Nesttree properties, a boutique developer based in Manila specializing in bespoke developments and FarmJuan, an agritech company that brings data science and tech to the world of agriculture.

“Through our partnership with Likha and FarmJuan we are excited to launch the leisure farm villas exclusive for our NFT holders. Owners are basically a general partner of the farm property in Zambales. Before only the super-rich can acquire leisure resorts, with this approach we are allowing NFT owners to have a stake in the development within minutes.” says Arthur Cantor, CEO of Nesttree.

According to a media release, the collaboration will bring new ways of staking in physical property with the help of blockchains and smart contracts. 

Consequently, Likha noted that they believe this “contemporary approach will transform the real estate sector in the long run.”

“The goal is to make these real-world physical assets more accessible to investors from various parts of the world. Real estate and NFTs together will evolve and turn into the next big things… NFT for art works may be the hot thing right now in the community, but the utility that comes with the art is what will define the project. Land is still one of the priced assets in the present and more so in the future, that is why we are developing land properties to be linked in the blockchain to adopt in a decentralized world,” said Cantor.

For the first run of their team-up, Likha will mint and exclusively list Nesttree and FarmJuan NFTs in the marketplace sometime in September 2022.

Just last month, Likha collaborated with Save Our Sharks (SOS), a for-advocacy NFT collection that aims to save the oceans as well as with Humanility, a non-profit organization for foster children. Through Likha, the NGO launched “Empowered Children – From the Streets to School – Art Collection ”, a collection of 76 hand-drawn illustrations created by foster children currently under the care of Humanility Philippines. (Read more: New NFT Initiative Seeks to Raise Funds for Foster Children)

“NFTs is a great way to incentivize users to participate in fundraising as it taps a new demographic and audience.” –Gelo Wong, CEO of Likha 

Likha was also one of the organizers for the physical event “METAWOMAN: Meet the Woman of the Future,” a meetup held at the Palm Drive Activity Center, Glorietta on June 29th meant to empower the women of web 3.

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