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News Soul, A Metaverse Dating Application Wants Itself On A Stock Exchange

Soul, A Metaverse Dating Application Wants Itself On A Stock Exchange

  • Creator of a dating and social media application, Soul, Soulgate Inc. has submitted an application to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
  • The application was launched back in 2016 by the organization’s Shanghai team, claiming that they are an ‘algorithm driven social digital playground.’
  • As per a paperwork filed by Soulgate, they have suffered a loss of $194 Million, with a revenue equaling $190 Million in 2021.

Dating App Wants To Go HKEx

Metaverse is always in the news, as we know very well that we can conduct any activity we desire, apart from stuff like eating or bathing, for that, you have to spend time in the physical world obviously.

Dating apps have a huge market, and the creator of such an application titled Soul, which is based in Hong Kong, has submitted an application to get a listing on the Honk Kong Stock Exchange.

The application generates their revenue via app subscriptions and memberships. As per a financial report, the organization was suffering a loss of $194 Million. Revenue generation of the organization during 2021 was $190 Million.

The application was developed by organization’s Shanghai team and claims that they are an algorithm-driven digital social platform that allows like-minded individuals to interact as per their preferences.

As per a report, it was revealed that folks on this metaverse dating application spend about 40 minutes a day.

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Activities In Metaverse

Metaverse is undoubtedly a sector admired by the people, as it allows them to do activities they conduct in real life, such as shopping, interaction with others, and explore various locations in the virtual format.

With time, new possibilities regarding what can be done in the metaverse, will be unveiled, it will attract more users into the space, eventually giving it a push to reach new heights.

Deep down, we know that activities like dating will boom in the metaverse, as the world is full of single people who are still trying to find their soulmates, which obviously, they aren’t able to find by swiping right.

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