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News UP-JFA Globe Telecom and This IsKwela teach Pinoys how to save and invest wisely with GCash

UP-JFA Globe Telecom and This IsKwela teach Pinoys how to save and invest wisely with GCash

Many Filipinos struggle with making sound financial decisions, particularly when it comes to saving, borrowing, and investing. Providing them with the necessary knowledge to manage limited resources is necessary so they can prepare for the future and avoid piling up debt.

This need prompted Globe Telecom’s This isKwela Online Community and the UP Junior Finance Association (UP-JFA) to hold a two-part financial literacy online webinar called “Pera-Peraan: Unlock Your Future With Finance.”

The webinar showed participants their potential to achieve financial freedom and break down personal barriers. It also equipped them with important information to start their financial journey.

“This effort is part of Globe’ Telecom’s mission to empower Filipinos through digital enablement. We hope to give our customers both the digital tools and the know-how to make the most out of these platforms. That way, technology becomes even more relevant and transformative,” said Yoly Crisanto, Globe Telecom’s Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer.

Topics during the event include creating a financial plan, risk personality, budget system, and the different financial markets. UP-JFA interns Zea Ancheta and Xy Adolfo talked about personal finance while Ange Yaptangco and Yohan Maronilla covered the basics of investing.

Joey Tomas, GInvest Growth Manager, was also present to discuss, among others, the various types of investment and how to take advantage of GInvest.  This GCash app feature allows GCash users to invest in international and local funds for as low as P50.00.

“Financial planning has become more important than ever.  We want even ordinary Filipinos to be able to invest and build their future. Through GInvest, they can easily do that for a minimal amount,” he said.

Financial literacy is a crucial component of Globe Telecom’s holistic program that promotes Internet safety, with more and more Filipinos shifting to digital platforms for their financial transactions.

“This webinar is timely as we have seen a rise in the use of fintech solutions among Filipinos throughout the pandemic. We need to equip our customers with knowledge on how to transact safely online,” Crisanto said.

Financial education is only one of the things that Filipinos of all ages can learn from This isKwela, a fun online community platform. Members can also discover new learning opportunities, acquire affordable, accessible, and safe learning solutions, and get a chance to connect to industry experts.

For more discussions on practical learning, users can join the This isKwela online community at

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